What My Patients Say

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Were you pleased with the treatment? I went to see Jan for fertility acupuncture following a series of setbacks. I’d been diagnosed with PCOS and Coeliac disease years ago, and was also recovering from a bad riding accident which required lots of heavy pain killers. The doctor had told us that I would need an operation and IVF, but our chances of having a baby were slim. I saw Jan a few times, although she made sure I only had treatments at the right time, not for the sake of it. Within 2 months I fell pregnant, and am currently sporting a 21 week old bump!! Without the need for medical intervention and the stress that brings. I honestly believe our good fortune is down to Jan, her years of experience and supplement advice. She’s such a lovely lady and I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to conceive.

I went to Jan as a last resort after trying to conceive for two years. I have PCOS and was under the assisted conception unit at my local hospital. Having had one treatment of clomid with no success I decided to give acupuncture a go. After one whole months treatment I had a spontaneous period, took my clomid and conceived!! Jan was the first person I told and I carried on with acupuncture until I was 12 wks pregnant to help ward against miscarriage. I went back towards the end of the pregnancy and Jan even helped induce me!! I recommend acupuncture to anyone who will listen now. Rachel

The treatments with Jan had an almost instant effect! I was treated throughout 2 menstrual cycles. The treatment not only regulated my cycle that had previously been anywhere between 5-6 weeks long, but more importantly helped to make me feel more relaxed and improved my mood swings and temperament. The sessions were very useful and I was able to discuss any concerns with Jan. I was advised what to look out for so I could have a better idea of when I was ovulating, and felt happier about that fact that it would happen! I would recommend the treatment to anyone who is having difficulty conceiving and is considering alternative therapy. I am a very happy customer. Jenny

I decided to try acupuncture with Jan. I felt much calmer throughout this cycle and really valued Jan’s support. I am now pregnant with twins! Helen

Never having had acupuncture before Jan very quickly put me as ease. I found the whole experience extremely enjoyable, leaving my sessions in that lovely relaxed sleepy state! Probably not great for driving but never mind!!! Jan was amazing at timing my sessions to fit in with my IVF treatment and was also willing to see me on Saturday”s and Sunday”s which I really did appreciate. I would highly recommend Jan if you are thinking of acupuncture whilst going through treatment, it can be a hugely stressful time and I am sure that it helped me to achieve my positive result. Lucy

In April 2005 it was decided I would have to have extensive chemotherapy. Janine Davis gave me acupuncture throughout my treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Jan was incredibly supportive and the treatment, I feel, contributed to the chemotherapy being given on time without any cancellations. My white blood cells stayed at the required levels to carry on treatment, also my energy levels, I feel, were boosted allowing me to carry on in life with my daily routine. Nausea was helped greatly Jane

I have suffered with IBS for 17 years and have tried a multitude of treatments and diets, some of which have helped. I have been a slave to my IBS until as a last resort I tried acupuncture. Thanks to Jan I have my IBS under control and a greater quality of life. Emma-Birmingham

I had a knee replacement in 2000 and was told that I needed the other one doing. I couldn”t face another big operation and tried acupuncture, still haven’t had the other one done! John S

My skin was ablaze, not a pretty picture. An early diagnosis by the doctor who prescribed aciclovir prevented the rash turning into blisters. However after 5 weeks the rash was still painful when a friend recommended that I see an acupuncturist. From the moment Jan answered the phone and made an appointment for me I felt better. The reassurance of her response made an immediate effect on my mood; someone who thought they could actually help. The acupuncture did help .The effect was not immediate but the tingling and blazing burning sensation eased with each treatment. Occasionally there would be re-occurrences especially when I was tired but over time became less and less. Weekly treatments began to see real progress in keeping the excessive sensitivity, tingling and burning in check until I began to feel it was definitely subsiding. Acupuncture worked for me. Wendy

After extensive spinal surgery following an accident over 2 years ago my life was severely restricted. I was unable to walk far without a stick, could not reach my feet to dress.etc, and relied on medication to relieve the constant pain, which made me very lethargic, and unable to work properly.

A neighbour suggested acupuncture, I was ready to try anything. Janine was not overly optimistic, but she was very understanding, and said she would do her best. Her ”best” gave me my life back! After a few sessions I no longer needed the painkillers, and within a couple of months I had abandoned my walking stick and could reach my feet and do everything I could before the accident. Jocelyn-West Heath