About Acupuncture

It is believed that traditional acupuncture originated in China thousands of years ago. Its use spread to Japan, Korea and other eastern cultures where it is still practiced extensively as part of mainstream health care. It is also used in combination with western medicine.

Whilst traditional acupuncture has always been a central pillar of eastern medical care, today, the benefits of acupuncture treatments are recognized globally. Age is not a barrier to acupuncture; my oldest patients have been in their late 90’s.

At one end of the scale acupuncture in China has been used in isolation as an alternative to conventional anesthesia during surgery (we don’t do this), and at the other end for the relief of nausea and sickness during pregnancy, chemotherapy and post anaesthesia (we do treat this).

With traditional acupuncture, the focus is on the whole person and aims to treat each person individually, we recognize that everyone will have a unique experience with their problem.

If you are having treatment from your doctor acupuncture can be used safely alongside this.